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El Conflicto Catalán y la Independencia de Cataluña en 8 minutos // HD

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Within each territory susceptible to ask for a state of its own, there are also other territories capable of finding their own differences and also request the lifting of new frontiers. After years of expressing themselves in Spanish language that the defendants speak perfectly before every Spanish and foreign media that requested it, the defendants have demanded to address the Spanish judges exclusively in Catalan. This attitude is not new in the trials against defendant nationalists in Spain. Back in the time of the terrorist group ETA, the Basque separatists tried for acts of terrorism refused to express themselves in Spanish, despite being the majority language of the Basque country, and like the Catalan independence fighters, they questioned or denied the legitimacy of the court that judged them.

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In this way they show an attitude of disdain close to supremacism, because they consider themselves superior in dignity to the tribunal that judges them. They are the ones who are right, they are heroes for their followers, and it's the rest of the world that is wrong. This causes anomalous situations such as many shops having their internal signs in Spanish because this is the language of their customers and the external signs in Catalan to avoid the strong linguistic fines. And what was his surprise when it was the very Carles Puigdemont who came to hand the prize over, taking advantage of the moment to give a markedly political speech, dressed with the usual terminology about "political prisoners" and "exiles".

According to Longoria, he felt manipulated, and such was his surprise that he was not able to pay attention to Puigdemont's words, which he heard later. Once they could think with a cool head, both directors have decided to return the prize to protest against the political use that has carried out the escaped ex-president. Netflix has transferred all their support to the directors, which both have been grateful for.

How can I follow Jesus if He was divine?

This new support from the European Commission joins the rest of the statements in defense of the impartiality of the Spanish justice system that has made, once again, the level of democracy in Spain to obtain the qualification of "full democracy" expression that Timmermans has emphasized in all international rankings. The vice president of the European Commission has stressed that all citizens have the same rights "including questioning the constitution and wanting to change it", but "what they can't do is ignore it or violate it", referring to the next trial of the nationalist leaders for the coup attempt, and has notified that this is the official position of the European Commission regarding respect for the law.

A series of facts that can make international actors who still show sympathy for the supposedly oppressed nationalists to come to the conclusion that they have been deceived. We compare the actions and circumstances of both characters so that each one sheds light on the other. The Judges receive pressures and threats from the Maduro regime.

The forces of order, the military and public institutions silence and persecute the opposition, even with violence. The demonstrations in favor of the uprising are sabotaged and repressed. In Catalonia, three regional elections have been held in five years, all accepted by all parties, and in none has nationalism won in votes. The impartiality of the judges is such that they have caused the previous government of Spain to fall by denouncing their cases of corruption, which led to a motion of censure.

However, in Catalonia, judges and prosecutors receive pressures and threats from the CDR independent cells in favor of the uprising that have the express support of the current nationalist president of Catalonia. Journalists not related to the uprising are insulted and assaulted. The demonstrations against the uprising are sabotaged and repressed. Catalonia is one of the most prosperous regions of Spain, has one of the main European capitals and enjoys a per capita income above the national average.

Despite being a fully bilingual region, the Catalan language the second in number of speakers behind Spanish is the language of imposition of the nationalist government.

This is the main oppression suffered by the non-nationalist part of the Catalan people. The Catalan public media are politicized in favor of the uprising and against the government of Spain. As the Venezuelan, ANC is a constituent institution detached from the government, with members not elected by the Catalan people, but generously subsidized by the nationalist government and in charge of the mobilization of nationalism. When he does not obtain them, he rises against Maduro, goes down to the streets and proclaims himself "president in charge" of the Venezuelan Republic, until the celebration of fair elections.

Artur Mas was democratically elected, but without a sufficient majority, so to overcome the veto of a small party of the far left, he "choose at finger" Carles Puigdemont. He raises the secession of Catalonia in a unilateral referendum "1 d'Octubre" rejected by all the opposition and by all international organizations consulted. Days later, Puigdemont rejected the offer of the government of Spain to call democratic elections, reaffirms the legitimacy of "1 d'Octubre" and proclaimed president of the Catalan Republic.