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If you show Weighted Averages, we apply weights to each answer choice.

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Multiple Choice Question Multiple Choice is a simple closed-ended question type that lets respondents select one answer from a defined list of choices. Video Overview. You may want to consider using a different question type if you want respondents to select more than one answer choice , you have a long list of answer choices , or you want to use images as answer choices. Get answers Sign up Create a free or paid account. Log In Already have an account? You can also use a callback function to specify your options.

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This is useful if you want to keep your choices in some central location so that, for example, you can access those choices for validation or for building a select form element:. You can pass the name of this method to the callback option of the Choice constraint.

This is a callback method that can be used instead of the choices option to return the choices array. See Supplying the Choices with a Callback Function for details on its usage.

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  4. A required option unless callback is specified - this is the array of options that should be considered in the valid set. The input value will be matched against this array. It defines the validation group or groups this constraint belongs to.

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    Read more about validation groups. If the multiple option is true, then you can use the max option to force no more than XX number of values to be selected.

    For example, if max is 3, but the input array contains 4 valid items, the validation will fail. This is the validation error message that's displayed when the user chooses too many options per the max option. New in version 4. This is the message that you will receive if the multiple option is set to false and the underlying value is not in the valid array of choices.

    If the multiple option is true, then you can use the min option to force at least XX number of values to be selected. For example, if min is 3, but the input array only contains 2 valid items, the validation will fail.

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    This is the validation error message that's displayed when the user chooses too few choices per the min option. If this option is true, the input value is expected to be an array instead of a single, scalar value. The constraint will check that each value of the input array can be found in the array of valid choices.

    If even one of the input values cannot be found, the validation will fail.