Manual Feels Like the First Time (Mills & Boon Blaze) (Dressed to Thrill, Book 1)

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Hold on to the Nights (Mills & Boon Blaze) by Karen Foley

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So I went in a second time to submit, because I never hit the submit tab the first time. Can you tell me if it was submitted, please? I submitted it to Love Inspired Suspense. Thank You. Hey everyone!!

To Catch A Spinster (The Reluctant Bride Collection, Book 1)- Full Audiobook

I have my first chapter uploaded and have only gotten a few comment but still have my fingers crossed! If our ms is not completed though when should it be? Thank you and I would appreciate it. Thank you so much! I love this contest. Hello Everyone! Looking forward to lots of comments and feedback on my story: Something Wicked for Nocture for those who are interested in having a look. I have a question for Victoria re the Heartwarming line. What time period is considered contemporary?

My story is set in the s. I know that is too contemporary to be considered historic, is it also too historic to be considered contemporary? If no one minds, I would love to submit it today for reader feedback. Should I submit it or should I query after the contest is over?

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I just wanted to say what a great contest this is. As an avid reader, not writer, I have had the opportunity to read so many wonderful first chapters. The one that really stood out to me was Love on the Run by Billie Drew. The voice is refreshing and the story line has me hooked. Hopefully this gets signed so I can read the rest!

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I really want to know what is in the pouch. Take a read if you get a chance. I think they would email. But the fact that I am writing this on the 15th and heard nothing means I think I did not get in oh well always next year. I have submitted to the first chapter so you think you can write chapter and I must have accidentally pressed the wrong category or something happened!! As a first time novelist I received encouragement from all of you and gained renewed hope as a fledgling author. So…although one door has closed, a new one has opened for me. And — to Ms. Hope to hear from you soon!

When you all selected the top 50 did you notify them by email or phone? And I read somewhere that some of the top 50 were not able to submit their manuscripts, so are you all now notifying those who you all want to submit in those spots by email or phone? I have a question about numbers in manuscripts. I ask this because in journalism, using Associated Press style, we only spell out numbers zero to nine.

We emailed the authors initially and if there was no response in a day we called and left messages. Cheril—regarding numbers we generally follow Chicago Manual of Style. So we write them out unless they would be awkward like , or 1,! I have to admit, though, I usually leave it up to the copy-editor to enforce consistency.

As long as you are consistent, it should be fine. I entered through wattpad, could you please tell me when we will see the results of the top 25 and will you post them onto wattpad?

Just curious, on those who were not in the chosen 50, will we be getting any feedback from the editors on our submissions? Preparing for submission I worry about what the editors are looking for. Is it ideal to get something ready for seasonal submissions e. Valentines, Easter and submit around those times to be more eye catching as opposed to sitting in the email pile. Of course, remember that the publishing process can take about nine months, so right now series editors are finalizing titles and Art Fact Sheets for August books. And so things coming in for Christmas from new authors have more of a shot if they come in around that holiday—by the time revisions, contracts and so forth are done, it could be time to schedule for that season!

And we have—rarely! Sometimes readers appreciate the change of pace.