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View PDF. Save to Library. Create Alert. Share This Paper. Tables from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. Quester , Olga Tarabashkina , Michael Proksch. How is value perceived by children Janine Williams , Nicholas J. Ashill , Peter C. Gift-giving of toys from adults to children Pauline Ann Mary Bremner. OCT has gone through a tremendous development over the past 25 years. From its initial inception in [Science , ] it has become an indispensable medical imaging technology in ophthalmology.

Also in fields like cardiology and gastro-enterology the technology is envisioned to become a standard of care. We point out the key aspects of the physics and the technology that has enabled a more than 2 orders of magnitude increase in sensitivity, and as a consequence an increase in the imaging speed without loss of image quality. This speed increase provided a paradigm shift from point sampling to comprehensive 3D in vivo imaging, whose clinical impact is still actively explored by a large number of researchers worldwide. Leitgeb Biomed. Express 10 5 Nader Nassif, Barry Cense, B.

25 Years of Technical Telecom Training

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Twenty-five years of essential medicines.

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Twenty Five Years on the Noom (25 Years of Noom Records)

Minneman, L. Ginner, E. Hoover, H. Sattmann, M.

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Dietlein, G. Huttmann, E. Lankenau, C. Cursiefen, and P. Eye Res. Leitgeb, R.